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GHS Printing Applications by Invatech

With OSHA’s revised regulation quickly approaching, do you have a solution in place?  If you don’t yet, have you had the opportunity to research or start planning?

Invatech has each element of the new GHS standard here for you!  We have the media, printers, and software required to be GHS compliant. We also offer programming services to tweak the application to match your business needs.

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GHS Compliance Powered by NiceLabel Software


1. The customer receives the GHS compliant SDS and product with GHS compliant label.

2. The customer uses the SDS to input label elements and supplier label to validate.

3. The customer scans the SDS and records the PDF file name in the database that cross references the item number.

4. The operator selects the item part number, any special information, and the quantity of labels to print.

5. The operator then selects “Print Label”, “Print SDS” or both.

6. The system automatically pulls data, graphics and PDF from data stored in database.



CAB Printers

Various sizes applicable to any industry.

No matter what you’re trying to print, CAB printers come in a wide range of sizes, shapes and features, ranging from:

  • Low-budget desktop printers
  • Industrial printers with extensive accessories.
  • Label printers for specific materials.
  • Label printers for textile materials.
  • Two-color printing abilities.

CAB label printers are at home in virtually any industry today. Many devices are employed in commercial applications, in tough continuous operation used for a wide range of services.


Epson’s ColorWorks Solution for GHS Labels

Epson’s ColorWorks delivers fast, efficient and durable GHS color-label printing to your company floor. This simple, one-step solution enhances you workflow by eliminating the need to manage pre-printed label stock.

With Epson’s ColorWorks™ labeling solutions, chemical manufacturers can create full-color GHS compliant labels on synthetic materials that are waterproof, smudge-proof and alcohol and chemical resistant. And Epson’s ColorWorks inkjet printers are BS5609 qualified when used with Epson polypropylene media.

With Epson’s industrial-strength ColorWorks color-on-demand printers, the need for pre-printed labels is eliminated. Just load plain labels and print the required hazard pictograms and information for each chemical.

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