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Invatech specializes in Turn-Key Labeling Systems

Label Design and Menu Programming

  • We design any text, graphics, or barcodes that are needed on your labels.
  • We specialize in creating intuitive menus that allow anyone to print labels with just the click of a button.
  • Well designed menus increase efficiency and reduce cost.

Free Cost Savings Visit

  • We offer a complimentary on-site visit to discuss your labeling needs, for companies within 100 miles of our office located in Northwest Connecticut.
  • For those companies farther away, we are happy to discuss via phone/webinar. We are generally able to offer suggestions for significant cost savings (30% to 50% is typical).

In-House Label Printing System

  • Print your own labels: Invatech offers one-stop shopping (Enjoy less cost and no lead time!).
  • We provide computers, label printers, scanners, label stock, ribbons, installation and training.
  • Label, database, and menu design so anyone can print labels with the click of a button.

UL Labels

  • As a UL approved label provider, we can print customized pre-printed labels for you, or help you design your own UL labels and label printing systems.
  • With over twenty-five years of experience, we can help you meet your UL requirements.

Database Design

  • One label format can serve many different part numbers with variable graphics, text and barcodes using a database to store all the data.
  • If your company has pre-existing label formats that require variable data to print on the labels, we specialize in complex database design.

Compliance Labeling

  • We provide customized label printing systems that meet compliance standards companies insist on.
  • We can design, or help you design, labels that meet the specifications a company provides.
  • If needed, we can design an in-house label printing system for these compliance labels that an operator can print with ease and confidence.



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